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What I've Got Going On

An endless array of projects all needing partners


Univeristy Sites

I bought 15 university named sites ending in .org and am building them into student sites with affilaite links.  An example:


Similarly to the University sites I have a few financial

These need to find a place in the world to serve as backlinking but relevant sites. They could also be in affiliate programs.


Scholarly SEOs

SEOs are a dime a dozen and the keyword ones give us all a bad wrap. I've started a periodical that is intended to be peer-reviewed and published quarterly. It needs content though.  SEO Journal has its IBIN number already and a few sites.


Political SEO and News SItes

Eery 2 yrs campaigns scramble to through up an ineffective poorly backlinked site with no regard to SEO.  I'm holding many sites and plan to keep them ready for 2020.

More odds and ends

Mobirise is a beautiful site constructor



Some shopping themed sites


Religious Sites   

I've collected a few religious themed sites.  I'm not that religious and frankly I think it makes me more like Christ than the Christians on these sites.


Random named sites

I got several higher DA sites awhile back but the names are incoherant and I'm not sure how they can stand on their own.


I cant pick a name

I've changed my own brand a few times, I've used all at the same time.  I see them as segmented niche sites but could they be better as one?

Images with different flip animations

Click on the bottom left corner of the card to change the front image. In browser this corner will not be shown.

Bridges Riverlink

Riverlink Is Horrible

I have a desire also to right the wrongs I see.  The Ohio River Bridge project is a horrible burden that is either run incompetently or purposefully confusing. 

Google Data Studio

Easy and Simple to Use

My Google Data Studio use is pretty ahead of the time as its in Beta but I've used it for a year now.

Google Adwords


Sometimes its nice to spend your way to the top of rankings too.


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